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Telegram notification script for Mikrotik

Sometimes the simpliest thing could offer a lot of advantages. To use this script you will need a Telegram Bot. It’s very simple and you dont need to do anything special to create a bot by yourself. Here you will find all that you need to create your first bot. To get the Chat ID you need to send a message to your bot in a group and access this address with your Bot Token: https://api.

Puppet Module to manage Puppet Agent

I’ve made this simple Puppet Module to keep everything under control on my Puppet Agents. It manages Puppet Repository, ensure that package is installed, that the service is running, and the configuration file with parameters defined for that node. The module is available at Puppet Forge. If you want to improve it or collaborate please, visit the project page at

Using Gitlab-CI to manage your Terraform/Cloudflare configuration

Everyone who uses Cloudflare already known the quality and reliability even for free plan users. So I don’t need any kind of backup alright? Wrong. We are humans and shit happens… all time… always. Actually, at this moment, someone are making a mistake. Ask to Murphy. That’s why it’s a good idea use Terraform and use a versioning system to maintain a history of modifications. Well, basically you will need to create a new repository in yours Gitlab account (if you didn’t yet), add your terraform files into this repository.

Sharing my dotfiles

Here I am, trying to write in english as an exercise and, ofcourse, attempting to reach more people with my ideas. This post is only to share with the community my dotfiles automation. All over the internet we can found a hundred of scripts to link files in your home directory. Many of them has some kind of restriction (yeah, my bootstrap script have some things that fit to my reallity, but can be easily changed to yours).

Gerenciando as configurações no Cloudflare com Terraform

A intenção aqui é ir direto ao ponto e mostrar por meio de exemplos como gerenciar seu DNS e algumas configurações da sua conta no Cloudflare utilizando o Terraform. As vantagens deste modelo são inúmeras, entre elas a facilidade de ter sua estrutura definida por código, a possibilidade de versionamento, um backup para algum eventual problema… As respectivas documentações podem ser encontradas nos links abaixo: Cloudflare Provider - Terraform Cloudflare Terraform Docs - Cloudflare $ tree .