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Fast and free way to deploy your website

Although this post title feels like a clickbait, the statement is true. Actually, I have been using the following techniques to host my (this) website for free for a few years now. Of course, you still need to pay for a domain, nothing is 100% free in life, right? Before we start, I’d like to make clear that this will not be a how-to or step-by-step on how to host your website for free.

Using Gitlab-CI to manage your Terraform/Cloudflare configuration

Everyone who uses Cloudflare already known the quality and reliability even for free plan users. So I don’t need any kind of backup alright? Wrong. We are humans and shit happens… all time… always. Actually, at this moment, someone are making a mistake. Ask to Murphy. That’s why it’s a good idea use Terraform and use a versioning system to maintain a history of modifications. Well, basically you will need to create a new repository in yours Gitlab account (if you didn’t yet), add your terraform files into this repository.

Gerenciando as configurações no Cloudflare com Terraform

A intenção aqui é ir direto ao ponto e mostrar por meio de exemplos como gerenciar seu DNS e algumas configurações da sua conta no Cloudflare utilizando o Terraform. As vantagens deste modelo são inúmeras, entre elas a facilidade de ter sua estrutura definida por código, a possibilidade de versionamento, um backup para algum eventual problema… As respectivas documentações podem ser encontradas nos links abaixo: Cloudflare Provider - Terraform Cloudflare Terraform Docs - Cloudflare $ tree .